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Our Heart for 2022

So much of the recent season has caused us to keep our heads down and our perspective small.

When the Lord met with Abram in the midst of crisis in Genesis 15, He led him outside of his tent and challenged him to look up at the stars and try to count them. Abram left his current small, darkened environment and was able to look up in awe and wonder at the magnitude of His works. When we look up, we are reminded that it is the Lord who holds our world together. Our perspective is restored and we see with eyes of faith and hope.

Nexus Church, we sense that God is calling us to leave our “tent” – to leave the news feed, leave our phones, leave the constant barrage of information – and allow God to lift our gaze.

So in 2022, let’s create space and look up in wonder at the work of His hands.
Let’s look up and expect the Lord God Almighty to do more than we can ask, think or imagine.

With ever-deepening love,

Ps Nathan & Bec
Senior Pastors

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And the Lord brought Abram outside[out of his tent & into the night] and said, “Look now toward the heavens and count the stars – if indeed you are able to count them.”

Genesis 15:5 AMP

Step into the adventure.

This page is to inspire you to wonder.

Below you’ll find downloads and links to watch, listen or lean into with God. It’s just the beginning, go for the adventure!

Adventure Map

Discipleship-3 or “my three” has become part of the fabric of our church.

These informal small groups are a nudge for each church member to gather regularly, be intentional with discussing scripture & authentically journey with faith together.  Start today and gather with a small group of friends, or if we can help you join an existing group let us know.

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Nexus Church 2022 Theme is WONDER


Download one of these wallpapers to be a gentle reminder to continue to look up. 





Thank you to our friends Shane Willard and Dr Gavin Brown for contributing towards our theme of wonder.

For additional awareness exercises from Dr Gavin, simply click here to download.

Dr Gavin Brown
Be Still


Shane Willard
Spiritual Practises


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